What to expect

It’s normal to feel anxious before clinical visits. Many of our parents say it helps to bring someone with them, both for support and also to help keep track of all the information you’ll be getting. It is also true that almost all our visits end up with you and your child getting homework to do. This is not because you aren’t doing a great job as a parent. It’s because giving you exercises for home will help your child achieve his or her potential sooner.

Children who were born preterm or spent time in the NICU after birth may run into some challenges as they grow. Many of these can be resolved. Some may have a hard time learning to eat, while others may have sleep problems, toilet training issues, or difficulties at school.  We can help with many of these challenges.  If you have concerns, please call the Clinic. We can either address the issues at an upcoming appointment, or make a special appointment if you are not due for a visit in the near future.  It helps us if you take some notes about what you are seeing with your child, and bring these to your appointments.


  • Neonatal Follow-Up Clinic: followup@sunnybrook.ca or 416-480-6100 ext. 87722
  • NICU Parent Coordinator: 416-480-6100. ext. 87815
  • NICU: 416-480-6100 ext. 5600 – Returning pumps, fobs, oxygen tanks, and other equipment
  • Breastfeeding Clinic: 416-480-6100 ext 5900


  • 6 weeks, 4 months, 8 months corrected (30-45min): Evaluate how your baby moves which tells a lot about how your baby’s brain is growing
  • 12 months, 18 months (60min): Assessments of various aspects of development including learning skills, movement, and language.
  • 4.5-5.5 year chronological (90-120min): School Readiness
  • 6–10 year chronological (90min): Learning Skills

Satellite clinics:

We operate satellite clinics once a month at Whitby & Peel to meet the needs of families residing in these areas. Please speak to our staff regarding this option at the end of your visit when arranging for your next appointment to see if we are able to accommodate you, schedule permitting as spots are limited. 

Parent wellbeing:

Many of our families say that after coming from the NICU, they experience some anxiety or depression. While this is very typical for NICU families, we want to help. We encourage you to let us know if you are experiencing any sadness or depression. You deserve to enjoy your time with your family.

Q & A:

What should I bring for my appointment?

  • Valid Health card for every visit (check expiry date to confirm this).
  • Please bring someone with you (especially if you have one or more baby/child with you).
  • Name & contact information of paediatrician or other doctors your child is seeing.
  • If CAS is involved, the contact person’s information.
  • For 4.5-5.5 & 6-10 year assessments, please bring a valid health card, the most recent report card/progress report from school, the questionnaires we have asked parents/teacher to fill out prior to the visit.

Who will we be seen by?

  • Our multidisciplinary health care team consists of doctors, nurses and therapists. The team members who see your baby will change depending on your baby’s stage of development and needs.

How is the Neonatal Follow Up Clinic at Sunnybrook different?

  • We are the only Follow Up Clinic in Canada to see children up to age 10.

Is there a place I can feed my baby before or after the visit?

  • The family room is available upon request for moms to feed their babies.

What are the clinic hours?

  • We are open Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

What are the general wait times?

  • The goal is for your child to feel comfortable and show us his or her new and great developments. As a result, however, we can run behind and you may wait for up to 15-60 minutes.

Will I be getting reminders for my appointment?

  • There are automated phone reminders, but please do not fully rely on these to remember your appointments. You can also email us at followup@sunnybrook.ca for appointment inquiries.

My child has been discharged from the unit. How can I get a copy of his/her records?

  • Contact health data records at 416.480.4433

Do physicians on the unit or at our clinic accept private patients?

  • Physicians in the NICU or at the Neonatal Follow Up Clinic only attend to admitted patients and those registered at the clinic. They do not run private practices outside of Sunnybrook.

Do you see sick visits, urgent visits or walk-ins?

  • Visits to the Follow Up Clinic are not set up to assess your child for illnesses like colds. Please take your baby to your Family Doctor or Pediatrician if they are sick. 

Keep in mind:

  • For urgent matters, contact your paediatrician of family doctor. For emergencies, go to the nearest Emergency Room.
  • Reschedule your appointment if your child is sick with any of the following or has been exposed to pink eye, chicken pox, cold or flu, other illnesses that are contagious.
  • Contact a travel clinic recommended by your paediatrician to inquire about vaccinations prior to traveling. The follow up clinic does not provide immunizations or lab testing. Please speak with your family doctor or paediatrician. Follow up is a needle free place!